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Lanificio Roma developed several fabrics; all different for quality, type and finishing processes.

Special Jersey

It’s the most wintery line of the group.

Innovative fabrics from 250 gr over to 1000 gr belongs to this category, represented by our trademarks Cuore di Panno, Mucko, VelouRoma, PannoRoma, CottonRoma and SetaRoma.

These are special knitted fabrics characterized by different structures, colors and finishings.

Ecological compositions and innovative technical performances are guaranteed by yarns and environmentally friendly production processes .

Thanks to these characteristics ECORoma, our sustainable trademark, was born.

Classic Jersey

Our basic knitted fabrics belong to this category.

The collection includes a bunch of single, double-faces, structured and bonded qualities in several weights.

Lots of colors and patterns characterized these articles.

Remarkable is the use of recycled and sustainable GRS certified yarns without compromising fashion and a contemporary look.

The keywords of this line are research, creativity and exclusive R&D.

Woven fabrics – Atelier

It’s the founder line of Lanificio Roma, evolved today into a real Atelier which offers on request a complete customized service quick and efficient.

These classic articles are always being revisited and renewed.

The collection boasts of multiple techniques and qualitative types: bouclé fabrics, multi-color jaquard, chenille, shetland and much more.

Even the compositions vary from 100% natural fibers to recycled and sustainable raw materials.


Bonded / Special treatments and finishings

Throughout the years, a lot of attention has been given to the total versatility of our fabrics.

All our articles can be combined together with different ways of bonding.

It is also possible to apply a special treatment or finishing following customer’s request.

In this way we are able to offer continuously innovative proposals and exclusive developments to our clients.