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During the years the creative office of Lanificio Roma has developed different fabric lines that brought to the birth of our famous registered trademarks: CottonRoma, PannoRoma, Cuore di Panno, Mucko, VelouRoma, ECORoma and SETAROMA.


Our focus on sustainability, development and research is constantly growing.
Our latest studies have created a new Made in Italy product, completely sustainable, made of 100% natural fibers and ECO-ROMA finishing.
This is how SETAROMA is proudly born, a fabric of preferential origin designed and produced in our factories under careful control.
SETAROMA: a wise mix of soft silk and superfine virgin wool that gives to the fabric shine, soft touch, rich effect and versatile appearance.
A patented and registered product that will allow you to create exclusive and innovative garments.
Fluid and versatile, it can be produced in multiple patterns, finishing and customizable on request.



The innovation that characterizes this series of articles lies in their composition: pure virgin wool (“mulesing-free”) is combined with exclusively natural and untreated cotton.
Wool and cotton: a perfect combination of warmth and freshness that makes this quality extremely versatile.
As for all our items the production process that leads to the birth of COTTONROMA is Eco-friendly, it absolutely excludes the use of chemical products and it provides only processes with low environmental impact.



“PannoRoma” is the evolution of our tradition. It’s a trademarked, registered and sustainable product.

The great innovation in PannoRoma production consists in strictly avoiding any chemical additive.

The production process involves a considerable saving of water (about 60% less than the normal standard). 

The greatest revolution is represented by its own characteristics.

Just by trying it on one can really appreciate all its benefits: softness, comfort of a typical knitting fabric, easy to cut and sew, suitable for raw edge and much more.

All this is possible preserving the typical characteristics and look of the classic panno well known all over the world.

We haven’t forgotten the practical aspect of this flexible fabric: the washing.

“PannoRoma” can be easily machine washed just like a normal wool sweater.

A low environmental impact and easy-care are both guaranteed.

We are proud to have reached our goal: reinvent a classical product answering the needs of the moment by enhancing its raw material.


Cuore di Panno

It is our famous bi-elastic “panno”, comfortable, transpiring and unique in its kind for originality and innovation.

A soft woolen fabric is joined to a light viscose or technical polyester through an internal support.

Its three-layers technical structure makes it versatile, suitable for all purposes and ready to be tailored.



It is the most wintery and historic of our special jerseys.

One of our first creations that immediately had a large diffusion all over the world.

It deals with an original fabric, born after a careful style research and several tests in order to reach the best of performances.

Due to its composition in virgin wool and thermosensible polyester it is especially recommended for the realization of warm and comfortable overcoats.



Velouroma, same as our Cuore di Panno, consists in the reinterpretation of a classic textile product.

The old concept of Velour has been upgraded thanks to the use of fine wool and the application of special production and finishing processes.

It is an extremely versatile, reversible and comfortable fabric.

These features make it unique in its kind.



Great attention has always been given to the theme of eco-sustainability.

Thanks to the use of recycled raw materials and yarns ECORoma was born.

Our zero km production and finishing processes are characterized by the use ecological products with low environmental impact.

Every operation is entirely monitored in the total respect of the environment.