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Since the 1950s Lanificio Roma is synonym of our quality, elegance, and innovation.

These new technical and style features enhance the know-how of the company that reached quality standard appreciated all over the world.

All our fabrics are created by an expert team that guarantee a high quality level firmly based on our traditions but elevated to the modern standards.

From the beginning Lanificio Roma decided to make an important investment in the technological research sector in order to realize modern, unique and innovative fabrics compared to the Italian and international market proposals.

During the years the creative office of Lanificio Roma has developed different fabric lines that brought to the birth of our famous registered trademarks: Cuore di Panno, Mucko e VelouRoma.

In the early 2000s, we were able to produce from fabrics to finished garments. Thanks to our Roma Service we offer a complete service of modelling, style, manufacturing, control and logistic to fully satisfy any request.

Finally, our pride, the top of our experience is Ero Jacket: the fashion line of the group, the brand representing our ideas and our contact with the final customer.