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All the processes that bring to the creation of a fabric or garment belong to a solid vertical structure which characterizes our company.


Our collection is composed of several articles which are carefully created and developed by our expert production team and latest generation machines.

Thanks to Lanificio Roma vertical structure we are able to satisfy all kind of customer needs.

Our strength is the speed of our processes in the development and delivery of each batch.

Finishing department

It is the last but not the less important phase of each article life.

The innovative machines and the experience of our professional team increase the value of our articles.

This process is characterized by an internal and continuous monitoring.

Repeated tests and controls guarantee top performance qualities.

Roma Service

In the early 2000s, we began to produce garments out of our fabrics.

Thanks to our Roma Service we offer a complete service of modelling, style, manufacturing, control, and logistic to fully satisfy any customer needs.

The realization of each garment is guaranteed by an excellent internal organization.

Speed, quality and reliability are the keywords of the entire process.


Finally, our pride, the top of our experience is Ero Jacket: the fashion line of the group, the brand representing our ideas and our contact with the final customer.

A collection characterised by unique, exclusive, and reinterpreted classic models made with the best and selected fabrics.

Ero Jacket is a line that in the models, materials, and patterns well represents the two “souls” of the group, which has always been tied to its roots and inspired by technological innovation, research, and planning.

A brand with a modern and dynamic spirit, able to anticipate the latest trends in the world of fashion and characterised by its patterns and outwears production.

Our objective is to transform the raw material into a finished garment, thus creating a product 100% guaranteed and 100% made in Italy.